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Pregnant Woman and Partner

DNA Paternity Testing While Pregnant

Starting as early as 6-9 weeks of pregnancy, we offer safe, accurate and affordable, payment plans for non-invasive prenatal paternity testing.

Doctor Office

Licensed Phlebotomists

We only work with experienced and licensed phlebotomists and DNA collectors who have been trained in AABB protocols for DNA blood and buccal mouth swab collection. Our DNA collectors are safe and reliable.

Preparing for Blood Test

DNA Collection

Between 6-9 weeks of pregnancy, there is typically enough fetal DNA in the mother's blood stream to collect for prenatal DNA testing. A buccal mouth swab collection is performed on the alleged father(s).

Paying by Phone

Payment Plans

Starting with deposit, we can then schedule an appointment for DNA collection on the mother and alleged father(s). We then notify you once the results are ready. Upon final payment, we can then release the test results.

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